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Paul Okoye Urge Fans To Support Mr P, Rudeboy & Psquare




Linda Ikeji was able to have a short conversation with of and the brother has a lot to tell fans on the situations surrounding their music brand and family as a whole. urge fans to keep supporting , Rudeboy, and their individual projects as they have always supported the brand.

Fans have wondered if it was the end for the duo and their brother who happens to be their manager when the broke the internet a few weeks ago with their intention of starting their projects, with Peter Okoye launching a new stage name Mr. P and Peter Okoye going by Rudeboy, the also took a totally new strategy and management team, although keeps their brother Jude Okoye as his manager.

, who hasn’t really cleared the air on the issues surrounding their decision said is here to stay but the members and brothers desire to follow up on their various tasks.

In the he says__

P-square have been moving forward, which one is the way forward, we’ve been moving forward!, but the thing is this hmm, the present thing is that i want you guys, you know?, the fans especially because you guys are fighting the wrong fight now, trust me. So you guys should support our individual project, i think that is the way forward now, there is still P-square, we’re still in good terms, we’re still family, we’re still doing shows for p-square but presently there is this thing, each of us has this individual something that is biting us that even if we want to put it in a group, is like this one would accept, this one would not accept, so is like everybody wants to go and do it on their own way, so i suggest to all P-Square fans to support , Rudeboy, support P-square, we are still together, no problem

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