Okmalumkoolkat – Hloopington Summer Tour 18

SA titan, is on a bounce as he takes his fans on the road with him with a newly released documentary which he titles “Hloopington Summer Tour 18.”

Plus, the rapper adds a touch of creativity to mirror the music video for the smash effort titled “AmaKamera Angshoote” which dropped in March.

Without a doubt, remains one of the finest names in the world of South African as well as one of the most sought after to match a terrific streak.

To this length and extent, the “Mlazi Milano” mastermind took the cameras with the crew backstage on some of his performances, the victories, the hard work and just the behind the scenes in general of his musical career.

At least, we can now begin to look forward to the album which assures will be released later this year.

Yet, if “Hloopington Summer Tour 18” is anything to go by, at least we know he is putting in the work and we can expect nothing but the feast and fest when he comes through.

Until then, get right into the world of OkMalumKoolkat with the “Hloopington Summer Tour 18” and be sure to share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.


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