K.O – Papa Action

South African rapper brings in the heat with a brand new single titled Papa Action, a deep rap piece with very pleasant flows, He is famous for moving in calmness which is to some degree what rappers do not practice but on this track delivers like never before. The new song has a Skhanda effect but at the same time he is carving a new lane.

lets us know how he shaped a new movement when he dropped his unveiling album and also references that he paid a couple millions to own his new house, the new song from the Life powerhouse holds the potential of ruffling a couple of feathers.

Just in case you forgot, Papa Action is the infamous thug cast from the classic Yizo Yizo series that terrorized the hood with his gang. Played at first by the ever talented Ronnie Nyakale in the first season and later by Zola in the second, Papa Action was everybody’s preferred bad guy.

The single is a strong declaration by the Cara Cara hit maker that he is undeniably that fella; a gangster MC that created the Skhanda Movement way of life since he went solo, selling unbelievable number of copies in the process. He was not a walk over, he’s a guy who stood his ground.
K.O’s music has without doubt stamped him on the map and he remains one of Mzansi’s best musicians. But since he has gone solo and released some major hit singles, one gets the sense in this track that he feels he hasn’t in fact acquired the respect that he duly deserves, and is prepared to resolve some proverbial scores. This does not stop the rapper from breaking boundaries as he once in an interview said that the target this year is to keep penetrating the market outside of SA.

I think we’ve done so much locally, and there’s still a lot to be done in Africa, Europe, Asia and America. I’m happy that I had the chance to go and showcase in all these different territories. Now we need to make my brand, basically South African music, a household brand that side.

He said…

Listen to the interview on soundcloud below:

Listen below, watch the video above and let us know if this masterpiece can break the Europe, Asia and America market for SA rap.

K.O – Papa Action Mp3 Download


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