eLDee Talks Playdata, Olamide Collaboraton and Says “No New Album”



Recently, Notjustok TV sat with while he was in Nigeria and he talks about Playdata and how it will help artists and labels to track their song plays on radio. He also says that he is actually done with music but wouldn’t mind doing a single here and there for the love of music, he went on to talk about his collaboration with and the rappers he is feeling right now in the music industry. find the excerpt from the interview below and watch the video for full interview.

Do you intent going into politics anytime soon?
Politics any time soon because i make socially conscious music?, no i’ve never been interested in politics, i have no interest in politics right now, i’m a straight shooter, i don’t think politicians are straight shooters, i don’t think politicians, you know? say it like it’s actually is, politicians tell you what you want to hear, and that’s not who i am naturally, so i don’t feel like i’m going to fill in that space, however i feel like Playdata in itself is a social mission, you know i feel like everything we’re doing right now is to help develop the industry,so yeah

Who are your best rappers in Africa right now?
Best rapper in Africa right now, that’s a very tough question and i’m probably the wrong person to ask and i’ll tell you why, when i took a break from the scene, i literally took a break from the scene, like i wasn’t even listening to the music, so it would be unfair for me to mention someone now who may not even be relevant anymore because i don’t know what’s going on on the scene, i’m just kinda familiarizing myself all over again, so i’m the wrong guy to ask that question, i am starting to hear stuff, especially now that i have been around a little bit, you know?, i have heard some guys,of course Vector is dope, i’ve heard Ycee, MI is amazing still, hmmm, who else have i heard?, who else have i heard?, give me a name, i’m still trying to, i’m trying hard right now, this is the main reason i don’t even want to mention names, is cos i don’t even know who is relevant right now, hmmm Vic O?, Phyno!!
Phyno!! Phyno!!, right. I just don’t know, i am not the guy, i am the wrong guy to ask

What do you think of hip hop beef?
Hiphop beef, if it’s just hiphop beef it’s cool, when hip hop the beef becomes personal then, it’s just, it’s childish it’s ridiculous it’s unnecessary, you know? i can understand when people take shots at each other in the music it makes interesting, its good entertainment but when it becomes personal, i feel like it takes away from us being in the movement together, it takes away from it, so yeah. I mean Drake-Meek Mill, feels personal?, maybe orchestrated?, it’s just entertainment, but when beef gets to the point where people are you know? making actual Threats, i think it necessary

Should we expect and x Collaboration?
Based on the tweets with , here’s the thing, the same way you saw the tweet was how i saw the tweet, i was like ok this is great this is an honor from the most relevant artiste, saying hey, i want to do a record with you, i mean you can’t turn that kind of thing down, you can’t, i mean this is one of those things that i say, music is not something you choose, music choose you, he must have been inspired by something that made him feel like you know what? i need to do a record with and of course i’m gonna do the record, i will do the record because of that however, am i going to make an album? No, I’m not gonna make an album, i don’t see an album, maybe we’ll do the greatest hits or maybe the remixes of old stuff but i don’t see an album anytime soon, and that’s one of the reasons why it is difficult to do because if we do a track it’s gonna be dope, you know? actually we are already kind of doing the track and the track is dope, it’s a tricky one.

Hopefully he doesn’t promote it as a single, the same way i couldn’t say no to him i probably won’t be able to say no and that’s really where my dilemma is, i really want to step away so that i can focus, so that i can bring which i feel like it’s more important, it’s not just about me anymore, i want to do stuff that would help everybody and i feel this is the path that i need to be on right now.