BeatMochini – The Documentary, Ep. 1: Meet The Human

One of the game’s unsung heroes, joins the league of entertainers with documentaries as he debuts the first episode of his docuseries titled “Meet The Human.”

For his contributions to the growth of SA Hip Hop, remains one of our favourite personalities and rightly so.

When he is not curating those monster beats as a producer, he is nurturing other acts towards the realization of their own dreams.

Now, gets personal and we get to learn more about the man behind the decks and turntables as he goes personal about his own life and story.

Source: BeatMochini/Instagram

BeatMochini starts the documentary introducing himself, his family, the story growing up as well as the unfortunate passing of his parents and how he had to assume the father figure for his younger siblings.

He then delves into the journey unto his craft and artistry, the story from being an artist into production as well as several others stuff you might want to know about the man behind the hits.

He also talked about the influences that shaped his style as well as the legacy he hopes to leave behind.

We can go on and on, but it would be a disservice to tell the story of BeatMochini which is really what The Documentary, Ep. 1: Meet The Human is all about.

Simply stream this entertaining and enlightening piece, then be sure to share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.

Respect, BeatMochini!

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