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What is SA Hip-Hop Music

Inspired by the popularity of Kwaito, South African hip hop scene has emerged to wind up noticeably a predominant power in the music scene. Considerable amount of hip-hop influence in south Africa is derived from western beats and melodies blended with localized beats and intonations.

The South African hip-hop music scene is known to be one of the most rooted and the fastest growing music category in the country. Its level of acceptance translates to the capability to transform its genre and dominate the local music culture in more ways than one.

Lyrically, South African hip hop is largely reliant on the political landscape from which the country has only recently emerged. If the explicit mention of Apartheid is not offered, lyrics will often revolve around the residue of the political system; such as the prevalence of HIV and AIDS, violence in the major cities, and what it means to be South African.

The most recent three decades have seen it develop from being a political articulation in its original Cape Town style to becoming a normal way of life, the hip hop scene has grown to international level of recognition over the years, for example, AKA, Kwesta, Nasty C and Cassper Nyovest being admired by fans from around the globe because these South African hip hop artistes have been able to keep the genre alive while taking their own share of the industry.

The Genre is so popular that it has an award dedicated to it, an award which honors industry players and contributors. The award celebrates Great accomplishment and success within the country hip-hop culture with spotlight on how history has crystallized this reality called “SA Hip Hop”.

Accolades are given to players and contributors within the hip-hop music scene. "top dogs" are awarded a cast that is called the Pyramid. The show is celebrated with a number of appearances, live performances and tributes by today’s leading musicians.

Even though hip hop has grown so much in South Africa it is still considered to be in its early stage in terms of acknowledgement and music sales are still on the low, we have however seen some artist’s record sale skyrocket to international level with millions of records sold but these numbers are still considered to be very low compared to how popular the hip-hop scene is. Checkout artistes that went platinum here,and gold album achievements here.

Sound diversity and style variation approache to the art have caused the split of the South African market, for instance: Cape Town has for a very long time been labelled South African hip hop origin with its more politically conscious and socially mindful music artists. House, Gqom and Kwaito are also very popular genres in the country, with American music and Nigerian music gaining popularity.

While the emergence of South African hip hop includes the diligent work of numerous. Here are some of the latest South African musical efforts, checkout the latest updates on hip hop songs, videos, mixtapes, Dj video mixes & albums.
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