What is Gqom Music

Gqom is a faster tempo version of the popular South African house music that emerged a period of time ago, precisely the 21st century from the city of Durban in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.

The term Gqom, every now and then voiced as qgom, igqom, gqomu or variants thereof, originates from an imitative blend of tick consonants from the South African Zulu & Xhosa language that signifies a striking drum.

From the townships of Durban and the Eastern Cape, Gqom pronounced Igqomu is fast becoming a movement. The unique South African genre of music holds a distinct style with its roll of drum beats, prodding Zulu chants, exciting strings and a combination of stunning instrumentals.

In fact, Gqom itself loosely translates to something in the lines of to rifle, a ricochet or bang. Little surprise this genre is all about the energetic bursts of hard hitting, vibrant and up-tempo sounds that is just meant to bring the heat and pace across dance floors.

Music devotees who were enthusiastically and thoroughly involved in motivating the common people to accept and promote the new sound involved the likes of Rudeboyz, Distruction Boyz, Babes Wodumo, Bhizer, DJ Lag, Madanon, DJ Mabheko, Mampintsha and several others. These industy players have managed to bring even more finesse to Gqom music.

The Gqom sound is created with software such as fruityloops. However, it is the bubbly and frantic dance-inspiration that it brings across social circles that has made its evolution a lot faster than expected.

In fact, this could be the reason why there was an immediate upsurge in the amount of Gqom releases once the heat of the summer months beckoned as well as the festive season.

We believe the growth of the Gqom genre can only expand unto bigger frontiers with seeming popularity around the African continent and even across the pond. House, Hip Hop and Kwaito are also very popular genres in the country, with American and Nigerian music gaining popularity, when that happens, there might not be a lot of sanity and manners left in the world as Gqom music holds mad acceleration in its drive.

While the emergence of Gqom includes the diligent work of numerous. Here are some of the latest Gqom musical efforts, checkout the latest updates on Gqom Songs, videos, mixtapes, Dj video mixes & albums.
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