Zola 7 Speaks on Artistes’ Drug Habits and How Fame Can “Kill”

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the “Ngomhla Wosindiso” mastermind, has walked through the great door of fame, so he should know how it feels to be there and what fame can do to one.

In a recent chat with Metro FM, the kwaito legend, who left television 8 years ago but returned with a new show called Hope With Zola, spoke on how fame can “kill” one, bad habits adopted by artistes, among other subjects.

, who is also a poet and actor, said: “Fame for me is something I associate with the fact that it can kill you. You can go in so deeply and go into a trance, next thing we are at your funeral.

He also noted that some black artistes pick up bad habit when they become famous, habits never associated with them when they were broke. For instance, he sees cocaine abuse as essentially a white issue in the past; now he is puzzled how blacks got entangled with the drug.

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Said he: “You can’t come and pick up habits that you didn’t know or have when you were broke. For example, the cocaine thing was a white problem I don’t know how we got tangled up in that or how it became black. Artists suffered because they picked up habits that they don’t know anything about.”

Recollecting, he rued the fact that the drug habit has affected the industry negatively, and added with almost a tinge of regret: “Because there was a time when people were performing for lines (drugs) down in Hillbrow and R2000. There are still these foolish promoters that call us today and they think they can get you for R10k because they got someone else for that much.

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On why he left the industry, he said that he had to leave, and did leave – on his own terms. The result of having “grown up.”

He may have left the music scene, but television has grabbed him once again. Zola 7’s show Hope With Zola will start airing Tuesday October 16 on Moja Love.

Listen to clips of the interview below:


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