Zodwa Wabantu’s Big Scare About her Father

’s Big Scare About her Father Source: / Instagram 2

Afrotainment star dancer , who recently changed here retirement plan from 2019 to 2020, has got a nagging regret: the fact that she does not know her father. She never knew him.

, who in December demolished rumours she was HIV positive, had a difficult childhood, with both parents and fled home when she was sixteen. It has been a life of hustling and investing ever since.

Older now, and somehat more comfortable, Zodwa Wabantu, who has been “auditioning” to land a movie role, looks at that lack of knowledge about her father with a tinge of regret and fear too.

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Fear because she might have slept with him without knowing it. It scares her, this possibility.

Zodwa Wabantu/ Instagram 2

She would also want her teenage son to know his grandfather. While the search for her “missing” father continues, and while she nurses the desire to know whether he would be proud of her, Zodwa Wabantu is determined to give her son a head start, as she wouldn’t want to see him experience similar struggles.

For one who never knew her father, this would be a critical decision that would bear positive results soon.

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One of these days, Zodwa Wabantu just might meet her father. That would be an epic moment for her. And probably for her fans too.


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