Zodwa Wabantu the Coming Drama Queen

Mzansi is already familiar with the dancer. What about the actress? Well, there’s no the actress yet. But there just might be one in the coming weeks.

The Afrotainment star dancer is keen on getting on screen when she drops her dancing shoes, which is not far away. Already she is in touch with some critical names in the industry including producer Connie Ferguson, whom she asked for a role in “The Queen.”

Source: / Instagram

She told TshisaLIVE of her excitement hearing her name mentioned by Petronella. She said: “I didn’t even know that Ma Connie knows my name. I mean, I know that people know me but to have my name mentioned was great. Maybe they can sit down and plan a role for me. It is like I am everywhere and I am coming for everything. It is only a matter of time

, who had previously made a cameo appearance inSABC 1’s soapie Uzaho, seemed to have planned her life and career well, even down to her retirement. She has her own house and recently got a brand new Audi sedan from her management Afrotainment.

Acting is only part of the script she has written for herself, and she isn’t relenting to see it played out, and no, she isn’t going to force herself on people. She concluded: “I don’t want to force myself on people like other celebrities but the fact that my brand hasn’t dropped since I started shows that I am here to stay. I want to add to my career in levels. I am feeling it. This is my time to be on TV now

Source: Zodwa Wabantu/ Instagram

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