Zodwa Wabantu Talks Tough on Ntsiki Mazwai Confrontation

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As a child, hers wasn’t exactly the easy life. She fled home at 16 and learned and developed on the streets. One trait Afrotainment dancer Zowa Wabantu developed, and which stands her out today, is to care not at all for what the public says or thinks about.

Another trait is to always speak her mind no matter what. She’s not one to sugar-coat things.

She had yet another opportunity recently to speak her mind without care whatsoever when poet and Twitter celebrity tried to get chummy with her at Moja Love Studios.

But , who may have shelved her retirement plans, wasn’t having it and lashed out at Ntsiki. She alleged that Ntsiki had being shaming her behind her back, and then, in closed space, away from public scrutiny, she was trying to act friendly.

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She told Ntsiki off immediately, as she observed to TshisaLIVE: “I don’t care about her or what she says. I just can’t pretend, so when she came to me I was firm, I told her the truth about how I feel. People always use me for whatever reason behind my back for relevance or fame or whatever, and then want to come to me like we are friends.

Specifically, she observed Ntsiki was only faking the friendship, speaking ill of her in her absence but trying to be friendly when she’s present.

However, Ntsiki, who calls herself a great fan of Zowa Wabantu’s,  insisted she was not faking anything. She had actually defended Zobwa Wabantu, she said, a week before the confrontation, in her podcast.

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She went on to say that had reacted based on hearsay and even said that ’s reaction at the studio was the result of insecurity.

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I am a great fan of Zodwa and believe society needs women like her to push the envelope. I believe that Zodwa is picking up stories from hearsay. Until Zodwa can actually produce proof of me attacking her then I think we are just dealing with Zodwa’s insecurity right now,” she told TshisaLIVE.

Not done, she tweeted that Zodwa Wabantu would be the second person to treat her that way. The first, according to her, was Bonang.

Well, what do you make of Zodwa Wabantu’s and Ntsiki’s public spat? Drop your thoughts in the comment section.


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