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Zodwa Wabantu Speaks on Botox and Facelift Rumours in New Video




The lives of celebrities make fodder for the public. What they do about their lives and bodies almost always turns out a public affair.

This reality is playing out, once again, in the life of afrotainment star dancer .

The dancer, who recently dismissed having a competitor in Amdan Swartbooi, posted a picture to her Instagram page that got fans curious.In the said picture, was lying on her back while a doctor hovered behind her, syringe in hand.

Zodwa captioned the picture “@herrwoodmedicalcentre Ngijove Doctor???????” and indicated her location  as Umhlanga, Kwa Zulu Natal.

Herrwood Medical Centre, located in Umhlanga, Kwa Zulu Natal, is famous for the medical services it offers, such as skin peels, Botox, and laser sculpting.

Her going to Herrwood provoked speculations almost immediately that she was undergoing some surgical procedures (botox and facelift) to make her look grand (as is common with some celebrities).

Source: / Instagram

But Zodwa Wabanyu laughed off the Botox and facelift speculations, saying instead that she was there for some vitamins and glutathione infusion. “Guys, I am not changing anything. Those were vitamins. Don’t you guys know about taking vitamins and stuff. I’m home guys. I’m a new mother (to fluffy and pinkie cat).

She posted a video of herself cuddling a rabbit and a cat and captioned it “Kanti niyangithanda? @herrwoodmedicalcentre ????????? meet Fluffy Rabbit & Pinkie Cat

This should settle the matter with some fans. But the speculations have still not died down. The reality of celebrity.

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