Zodwa Wabantu Shelves 2020 Retirement Plan?

Shelves 2020 Retirement Plan?

Once again, star dancer , who earns about R25k per gig, may have shelved her plans to retire.

She had made known her plans to retire in 2018, and then, just recently, she propped her retirement plan a year forward – to 2020. Now it seems that year itself  may be shelved as, according to , who rues noit knowing her father, demand for her services is still very much high, and she is desirous of going where the people want her.

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There is a lot of interest and the bookings are still coming. We are working on other shows both here and overseas but I will always go where the people want me.

Source: Zodwa Wabantu/ Instagram

“I am for the people. I represent the people. I have other projects in the next few months but I don’t know if I can stop what I am doing all of a sudden. There are so many places I still want to go.

Specifically, when asked, while promoting an ANC gig,  if she would quit the dance scene as she had said earlier in  2020, she had responded: “Nope. Demand is still high.

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