Zodwa Wabantu Set to Retire in 2020

Her parents’ exit from the face of the earth was unexpected – you may say unplanned and painful. , who earns nothing less than R25k per gig, has lived through much difficulties and now has a sense of order, plan purpose.

The Afrotainment star dancer, who is out to give  her son a head start so he wouldn’t face the difficulties she faced growing up, made an announcement in 2017 that she would retire in 2019.

I was blessed by God, it wasn’t Planned. Plan ahead, plan your moves, calculate get your shit in order & be happy. Bow out like a Hustler to other Businesses. More to Business. We have 13 months to be Crazy # Entertainer till 2019 January???????? Umhlaba wonke,” she had written on her Instagram page back then.

Apparently that date is no longer feasible, and has had to shift it to 2020. Again, she took to her Instagram page to make the announcement of the shift in retirement date. The reason for the shift in retirement date, according to her, was because she has been booked till Easter 2019.

Because I have been booked till Easter’s. Retirement is 2020 Bitches,Asinyisaneni Still Zodwa Wabantu,” she wrote on her Instagram page.

 Zodwa Wabantu has made some strategic investments, including acquiring land and building her own house, so life in retirement may continue to be comfortable. Or what do you think? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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