Zodwa Wabantu Relives the Years of Struggle

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star dancer , who recently celebrated her birthday, has relived her experiences growing up and recalled asking God, once upon a time, if she would die a nonentity.

, who lost her parents when she was not yet a teenager, fled home at 16 and has never turned back. She has hustled her way up and has not only famous but very comfortable as well, living the life she had dreamed of once upon a time.

The dancer, who has a 12-year-old son and is famous for her disdain for undies, told TshisaLIVE: “I left home when I was 16 and until today, no matter how hard life was out there, I never packed up and went back home. When you are young, you are less fearful of life because you are optimistic compared to when you are older. Back then I just hustled.”

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Source: Zodwa Wabantu/ Instagram

The hustle has since paid off. One cannot mention the word “dance” in South Africa without Zodwa Wabantu’s name cropping up. Indeed, this is a credit to her fighting spirit, nursed and developed when she was still very young.

She added: “I’ve been a fighter all my life. No parents. No guidance or guardian at all. But with God only. I didn’t give up but I already told myself that I will just die with nothing but my stomach full.

Now almost at the very top of her career, she is grateful to those who have stood behind her, including her management , whose boss recently bought her an Audi sedan.

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Source: Zodwa Wabantu/ Instagram

She concluded: “, what I have asked you from day one, and (what) I have asked any businessman, was for them help me with tears on my face. So whatever I became or become it is because you gave me a chance in life.

Seeing how far Zodwa Wabantu has come and how relevant she is in the entertainment industry in South Africa, she would never have to ask God again if she would die a nobody. Zodwa Wabantu is somebody.



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