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Zodwa Wabantu pens love letter to her body




Sultry entertainer, has penned a love note to her body as a part of the Marie Claire naked issue alongside other celebrities.

remains one of the Nation’s most celebrated personalities despite her controversial pant-skipping antics.

However, is also one of the most insulted with several non-fans bashing her for her looks as well as her gusto.

Source: /Instagram

Each time, Zodwa Rebecca Walibram has had to defend herself on her own but now has been presented with a platform to further appreciate herself as well as shut up the haters.

took to social media platform, Instagram, to share an image of her nude self with a special dedication to her body.

“#DearBody, I’m sorry for the times I’ve hated you, especially the face. You’re good to me – I mean it. You’re soft and curvy, and full of a life lived well (according to me, that is). And that is all I could ever want from you. To life well.
Thank you,
Zodwa Wabantu”

Source: Zodwa Wabantu/Instagram

In a conversation with TshisaLIVE, Zodwa Wabantu talked about celebrating herself starting off with her face since it is the part that gets the condemnation while her body gets the praise.

“I had to first talk about my face… because I have looked at myself all my life but somehow when people started telling me how I should see myself, especially my face I believed them. They would always say to me, ‘You have a beautiful, sexy body but you have such an ugly face.’ So that’s why I thanked this brave face of mine, because at the end of the day, it is my face and I love it, I really do.” she said

Zodwa wasn’t the only one who penned heartfelt letters in appreciation of her body, other celebs like , and Thickleeyonce also stripped down for a cause.

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