Zodwa Wabantu “Nominated” for Wooden Mic Award

Source: / Instagram

Give it to star dancer to be herself all the time. There is no air of ptretence to her person, and she has long learned to be indifferent to people’s perception of her.

Besides being a noted dancer, one with a pronounced aversion for undies, an also sing. But it seems she didn’t get her singing right this time – or so some think – and the effect was decidedly hilarious.

Source: Zodwa Wabantu/ Instagram

Zodwa Wabantu had posted on Instagram a video of herself in her car, with a young white girl riding shotgun. Both were sing Shekinah’s single “Different.”  She captioned the video: “Sicula amashongololo😂😂😂😂😂😂 it’s a beautiful Song @shekhinahdBeautiful in my own way😍😍😍 Different in my own way😘 I’m cruising with umakhelwane wam😊

Some are actually of the opinion that the duo “butchered” the song, and boldly nominated them for the Wooden Mic Award. LMAO! But it is open to doubt Zodwa Wabantu will be moved by the joke.

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Zodwa Wabantu, who recently made her runway debut and has a television series in the works, has her eyes firmly focused on her future. If this joke would advance her career, she would of course welcome it. What is live but a good joke?



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