Zodwa Wabantu in Raptures Over Warm Reception in Namibia

Zodwa Wabantu in Raptures Over Warm Reception in Namibia
in Raptures Over Warm Reception in Namibia

Controverters dog her every step, not only because she has stubbornly refused society’s determination to box her into a corner, but because of her “stubbornness” in living life on her own terms.

, who recently spoke on slut shaming, has made a name for herself as one opposed to panties, although these days she is most likely to be found wearing panties, thanks to the effort of her management head .

Her determination not to wear panties, and her always performing in skimpy outfits, has earned her the displeasure of some African countries. She has been banned from several African countries and even deported from Zambia last year (2018).

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So having an invitation to perform in Namibia, a neighbor to South Africa, filled , who earns R25 per gig, with great unease. She wasn’t’s expecting the country to be welcoming and even feared they might send her straight back home.

As it turned out, though, her fears were unfounded and the country literally embraced her.

Source: Zodwa Wabantu/ Instagram

It was the first time I was not judged outside of SA. I mean by countries in Africa because after Zambia, I thought God was saying that these countries don’t want me and I must focus on other parts of the world,” Zodwa Wabantu, who has been worrying she might have slept with her father, offered to TshisaLIVE.

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In case you missed it, she is set to retire in 2010.


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