Zodwa Wabantu: I Won’t Get Married To…

Many ladies consider marriage the ultimate achievement and would do just about anything to have a wedding band on their fingers. So go as far a sponsoring the wedding themselves.

Afrotainment star dancer does not make this list, nor does she care to make the list. The radical feminist, who has a young son of 12 years, has never really cared for society’s approbation.

She is living life on her own terms. And enjoying it. For one, she is famous for her aversion for undies, and goes literally without them.

Source: / Instagram

 She was recently spotted with a ring on her fingers, and everyone got curious. The dancer had an explanation for it, and marriage is not one of them:

She told TshisaLIVE: “I was asked about the ring that I was wearing and I clearly explained that it was for a photoshoot. I was shooketh when I saw the article.”

Marriage is not a closed option to her, though. She might still get married, she said, but not to please the society. And the wedding itself would be done privately, without the pestilent publicity that follows the society weddings of celebrities worldwide.

She concluded: “I won’t get married because my bum is getting old. I’m not under pressure at all. I do what I wanna do 24\7. I will get married when I want to and I’m not scared of getting married. I wont get married for  society or to prove a point to anyone. I live once and this is my life.

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