Zodwa Wabantu flaunts passionate kiss with her man; says women can’t be hidden

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is a woman conscious of her star, the universe, and her role in it. And no, nothing can hide her, not even a man.

She made this plain in a post to her Instagram page showing her kissing her boo. Then she had asked in Zulu: “Let’s discuss us. I sleep over at his house. eNtuzuma. Ladies, do you remember being hidden? I don’t play that game, I am like a cockroach that just won’t be hidden. When they say hide in the closet, I say ‘You are crazy!’ Guys, why do you hide us anyway?”

Well, guys, why do you usually hide your ladies? The famous dancer is seeking answers

In a chat with TshishaLIVE, she went on to say that men are not treating women right, and this has been the case for a long time.

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She said: “The thing is these things have been happening all our lives, but that doesn’t make it okay. If you, as a woman sleep over at your boyfriend’s place then you are walked home when it’s still dark like you did something wrong. That’s not cool.”

The dancer, who is unconventional in both her lifestyle and choices, and who was once denied a chance to perform in Zambia after an invitation, continued:

I don’t believe in such things. It’s witchcraft even. Me, I will do what is best for me. I live for me and not for what people say. So what if I am seen walking out of his house? So what? Even if we happen to break up and satan makes him meet another b**ch then I would have made the most out of my time with him.

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Zodwa Wabantu: I Won't Get Married To...

also confessed an aversion for marriage and her desire to die single. If she should change her mind on this, she made plain in the same interview, it wouldn’t be to please anyone.

The singer, who showed here rebellious streak when she ran away from home at 16, sure knows what suits her. And convention is not one of them.

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