Zodwa Wabantu to donate 10K to Gabisile Mhlongo

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One of SA’s most controversial entertainers, has showed a heart of gold with a gesture to donate R10,000 to the mother of a physically-challenged child, Gabisile Mhlongo.

The steamy, sultry and pant-skipping act made the offer after she came across a video of the mother holding Gabisile and pleading for money.

says the Facebook post touched her so much because it simply reminded her of her own past where she had nothing.

“I was looking back at my own life when I had nothing. You can’t just be rich and bragging about expensive alcohol. I’m Zodwa for the people and let me share,” Zodwa said.

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This way, she will be meeting with the family just to verify all details and claims after she launched a search for the little girl on social media platform, Instagram.

It is the hope of Zodwa Wabantu that with her little contribution, the girl will be able to get the much-needed medical attention which her family hasn’t been able to afford.

Great move from Zodwa Wabantu and it simply reminds us of the saying “sometime, the nicest people you meet are covered in tattoos, while sometimes, the most judgmental people go to Church on Sundays.”

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