Zodwa Wabantu calls her ‘well-behaved’ bae the reason for hate

Sultry entertainer, is calling out the haters and insisting the reason for the beef is simply because her boyfriend is very well-behaved.

whose real name is Zodwa Rebecca Libram took to social media platform, Instagram, to gush over and pay pour encomiums on her man, Ntobeko Linda.

Zodwa and her bae have been the target of the haters and the trolls across social channels ever since they went public with their relationship.

In fact, many especially slam the duo for the age difference between them as the pant-skipping dancer is older than her bae.

Source: /Instagram

Only thing is Zodwa Wabantu is hitting back now and taking these dissenting voices to task; saying they wouldn’t hate on her if they had other negatives to prove about her good man.

“It’s not that y’all are worried about my boyfriend’s well being because he apparently looks like I beat him up… it’s more than that. Y’all are lying, you are just disappointed that he doesn’t beat me up or was cheating or doing silly things. If he was, y’all would be singing a different song, talking about how he’s doing this and that but he hasn’t goven you any ammunition,” she said on Instagram.

Zodwa Wabantu who doesn’t pass on the chance to gush about her man as well as flaunt their public display of affection at every opportunity still wasn’t done as she went even further to praise his manners and looks.

“He doesn’t talk at all, he’s not all over the show if ebephaphile bengizonya from amantombazana,ubufebe. When I’m performing out of Durban anginyise so he’s not talkative, he’s shy and handsome….” she concluded.

Source: Zodwa Wabantu/Instagram

Zodwa Wabantu’s latest reveal comes on the heels of another revelation she might be changing her mind to marry Ntobeko Linda after all.

“You know I have always said that I will never get married but I am not so sure now. I think that it could happen. Who knows? I mean, we have been together for so long so anything is possible,” she told TshisaLIVE recently.

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