Zodwa Wabantu Bathes in Random Stranger’s House, Celebrates New Car

A homely side of afrotainment star dancer played out recently when she walked to a random fellow’s , after her performance at Durban July, to take her bath.

The controversial dancer, who will never be caught faking it, made the decision to go to a stranger’s to take her bath when she realized all B&B (bed and breakfast) were fully booked at Dundee.

The decision to go to a stranger’s to take her bath was an easy one, as she never considers herself a celebrity. She considers herself just like your regular lady down the street and treats everyone courteously.

Besides allowing her taking her bath, the family also “donated” a round of prayers to her. herself shared the clip on he Instagram page, writing about how she got to meet the family.

In other news, has got a new car, a gleaming white Volkswagen Caravelle, which she shared on Instagram, in accordance with her policy of keeping fans updated with events in her  life and career.

In fact she recently announced she had undergone a revolutionary breast lift because her breasts were sagging. She had also undergone vagina tightening, while commenting on how the downstream sector becomes loose after having a baby. In case you don’t already know, she has a teenage son.

Source: Zodwa Wabantu/ Instagram

In the clip she shared, she could be seen on top of the car performing sultry dance moves while fans cheered her on clicking away with their phones.

On the hood of the car is written: “Thank you DJ Tira mine Zodwa Wabantu.” But it is unknown if DJ Tira was the one who bought the car for her, as she did not disclose this at the McCarthy dealership, where the clip was taken.


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