Zodwa Wabantu Advises Son on Education; Glitters at Durban July after Revolutionary Breast Lift

In a move that got South Africa talking, literally threw herself on her knees before her son, advising him on the importance of education and how vital it is for him not to detract based on the lifestyle she has adopted.

It is all in a video herself shared on her Instagram page. In the said video, could be seen on her feet, in a nifty red down, imploring her son not to ditch education based on her lifestyle or the lifestyles of other rich but uneducated people. Or based on anything for that matter.

The video provoked mostly emotional responses from fans, who praised her motherly sense, even as they rebuked those who judge her choices without really knowing her.

Although did not advance beyond secondary school, she neither looks down on education nor on educated people. She would admit, though, that the amount of money she makes is the envy of most educated people.

With the kind of life she currently lives, it might be tempting for her son to think of education as unimportant. But she wouldn’t have him adopt such thinking pattern, advising him in the video that life is hard.

The recent advice to her son not to quit school is just one of many plans she has adopted so he gets the best in life. She has been investing in real estate and land and has a policy to own all she has to give her son a head start in life.

While Zodwa Wabantu advise her son on education, she is not neglecting the job which provides her with the money for her son’s fees and the lifestyle that is the envy of most in Mzansi.

The recently had a breast lift, performed by Dr. Mahendra Premchand. Determined to shine, as she would tell TshisaLIVE later, she had stormed the Vodacom Durban July in a flimsy outfit adorned, according to her, with 4,000 crystals. Her outfit left the crowd gaping.

Zodwa Wabantu, accompanied by her doctor Mahendra Premchand at the Durban July, would admit her breasts were sagging and she wouldn’t take the surgical route to breast firming.

My breasts were sagging. I went the non-surgical route because I didn’t want to go under the knife.”

Dr. Mahendra Premchand would explain that he used a revolutionary technique to lift her sagged boobs.

Zodwa Wabantu was the centre of attention until the comical muso Somizi stormed the place with his crew.

What are your thoughts on Zodwa Wabantu’s injunction to her son and her recent boob lift? Drop your thoughts in the comment section below.

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