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Zahara Teases Upcoming ‘Nqaba Yam’ Album With Tracklist




Zahara is about to break new bounds with the upcoming release of her debut project for this year, which will be titled “Nqaba Yam.”

Zahara aka Bulelwa Mkutukanahad is that silent force that is bound to take over with making big moves as a result of the strength of her talent. She has got several awards as confirmation of how good she is.

The East London born sensational singer and performer, has labelled her act as one of the premium acts of the industry, causing a stir with the emotional weight of all her tracks.

This album is long overdue, after a 10-year interval between her debut album and this upcoming release. She is set to feature none other than her self proving that she is equal to the task all by herself.

It houses 12 tracks, with a predicted perfect flow from one track to the other. It will be release on the 9th of July, 2021.


  1. Nqaba Yam
  2. Sinda Mphefumlo
  3. Ndikhona
  4. Ndincede
  5. Bawo
  6. Systems
  7. Ntak’ encinane
  8. Senzeni
  9. Nyamezela
  10. Izolo
  11. Forever Yours
  12. Iphupho Lam’
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