WATCH | Zodwa Wabantu Making “Auditions” to Land Movie Role

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We had reported earlier about Afrotainment star dancer Zodwa Wabantu taking to acting. Well, the dancer, who made her runway debut late this year, is sticking to the decision to veer into acting, although she may not have gone to school to study the subject.

Everybody knows by now that I love acting. I never had the opportunities to go to school for it but I know of many great actors that also didn’t. All they did was put in the work and they learnt on the job. I know I can be that as well. I just need a chance,” she told TshisaLIVE in a recent chat.

Source: /Instagram

And learn on the job she is actually out to. , who made it clear last month she wasn’t bothered about Amanda Swartbooi aping her, has been acting out roles herself on Instagram – posting self-scripted “auditions” of her acting. The idea is that some producer would take interest in her acting skills and offer her a role in a movie.

Zodwa Wabantu’s main hope, though, is to feature in a Ferguson Film production. She has, therefore been knocking on that door: “I always tag Connie in my posts. I would really love to work with her and her husband. I won’t give up because that’s where I want to end up,” she added.

Source: Zodwa Wabantu/Instagram

Orphaned when she was still very young, Zodwa Wabantu has risen to the pinnacle of her career as a dancer. Through her difficult times, she has shown remarkable staying power. This power will certainly carry her to a place in the sun of Mzansi’s movie industry.

Or what do you think? Watch Zodwa Wabantu “audition” below and share your thoughts in the comment section.

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