Watch | Stogie T Delivers Brilliant Freestyle on Sway In The Morning; Sets Twitter on Fire

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Honey and Pain” mastermind Tumi Molekane is one incredibly gifted lyricist and poet. The bars come to him easily and he delivers brilliantly – so brilliantly, in fact, that it is hard  not to applaud. It is not surprising, then, that the muso is highly revered in the music industry.

recently spoke of Stogie T’s powers and influence in the industry. And had done the same, crediting with taking South African hip hop to the world stage. At every turn, almost everyone has one good word to chip in about ’s musical powers and influence.

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Stogie T has got a gift for freestyles, as he showed us back in 2017 on BET SA hip hop cypher. Those who think that was a one-off flash of brilliance should think again. Stogie T has given us yet another blast of a freestyle in faraway United States on the set of Sway Calloway’s Sway in the Morning.

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ALda3rd – Intro ft. Stogie T (Twenty Sixteens)

In the freestyle, Stogie T rues the fact that poverty stalks Africa at every bend and the children of former heroes have been spoiled rotten, compounding the problems of the continent.

He also rued the fact that some pastors are sexual predators and others live lavishly on the tithes and offerings of members who mostly stagger on the breadline.

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South Africa’s scene has changed from what it was about a decade back, said Stogie T. That notwithstanding, he would never claim anybody’s success although he may have worked with them and put them on.

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One of my proudest moments has been working with AKA - Stogie T declares

On , with whom some thought he has a beef, Stogie T has this to say: “When Cassper was starting, I had a compilation that I put him on…he’s a product of HHP…I had worked with when they were younger…but I will never claim anyone’s success even if I’ve worked with you.

Stogie T’s freestyle has thrown social media in a fever of excitement, as you will find from the screenshots below:

Watch the interview and freestyle below and share your thoughts with us in the comment section:



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