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Watch: Pick N Pay Racially Profiles MarazA



Hip-Hop artist, S’phamandla Mhlongo, more famously known as has gone on Twitter to accuse Pick n Pay in Killarney Mall For racially profiling him. alleged that he was asked to “verify” his grocery purchase of R8,000 without subjecting customers of other skin colour to such dehumanizing procedure.

claimed he had concluded his shopping and was headed for the exit when he was stopped by security and asked to verify his credit card. He duly informed he had used his debit card, but they then asked him to wait while they call the manager of the supermarket.

However, with video proof to back up his claims, MarazA filmed white patrons who exited the store without being asked for the same verification process which theGwan rapper was subjected to. In fact, they were only greeted, opened the door for and let go without any hassle.

However, after about 15 minutes and without any “verification”, MarazA was told he could go.

In MarazA‘s words:

“I have just experienced one of the most common forms of systematic of racism, one of the most common forms of systematic radial bias,”


The rapper continued:

“Because I was speaking my language, and my pants were saggy, and most importantly, my skin is black, it makes no sense to the security guards at Pick n Pay Killarney Mall how this guy is able to spend that much money on food without it being a crime.vWe cannot allow this s**t to carry on. I watched white customers come after me and having the doors open for them”

MarazA ended his displeasure with a message directly to Pick n Pay:

“Pick n Pay Killarney Mall, your manager on duty tonight is a racist hypocrite”.

Pick n Pay spokesperson, Tamra Veley said: “We apologise for any inconvenience experienced by MarazA and have tried to contact him directly. Our Pick n Pay Killarney branch has experienced a number of problematic card transactions, particularly at closing time.”

“The store put random checks in place, and this was one of them. Customers were not profiled and the security officer on duty did not ask to check MarazA’s groceries. Only the card transaction itself was verified. We value and appreciate MarazA as our customer at Killarney and are sorry if the reasons for the random check were not communicated better.”

With MarazA‘s video evidence, we believe acts like this should not be allowed to continue and we hope Pick n Pay can take tangible steps towards preventing a future occurrence.

Please, share your own similar experience(s) in the comments section below.

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