Watch: Kid in Tears on Receiving DJ Tira’s Advice

A  young camping in front of Afrotainment boss boss office got unexpected piece of advice from the muso that pushed him to tears.

The young boy, who wasn’t named, had come to ’s office to advertise his rapping and possibly getting the backing of the top disc jockey.

But the grade 8was shocked when rather recommend he pursue his education first and come back when he has a report card.

News of this incident broke when DJ Tira took to his twitter to share a video of what took place between him and the grade 8 pupil. He captioned the video with the following words:

Education first. Please please please. I bumped into this kid outside my studio. I gave him pocket money to travel back home. Let’s encourage our kids to finish school before pursuing a music career.

His decision not to take the pupil in and mentor has drawn a lot of backlash on social media, with many saying he shouldn’t have sent him away just like that. Others gave examples of some artistes who started when they were still very young and have since made it.

Source: DJ Tira/ Instagram

A Twitter user, who goes by the handle (@BonkeM1, tweeted: “Why finish school first? Because in SA we told to go to school do your matric go to university get your diploma and degree then what?? Come back Mo Twitter and say please RT my employer might be in your timeline or stand at the robots n CV in my bag?

Another, going by the handle @Tillytiny1, tweeted “How old was mzambiya when he dropped his first hit give child a chance Malume

Keeytall Larmoola (@keeytall) joined the conversation with the following tweet: “I strongly disagree brother, need I remind you how old was Mozambia & Mosawawa whey they started pursing music ? Chances of the lil boy ending up like them are close to “ depend on his fate “ you dig ? They are better mangers these days who understand feasibility , Boy is sorted

Yet another Twitter user (@ka_madesi) intervened: “The kid has talent, he shouldn’t be discouraged by telling him about school. The only time we can polish our talent is when we young. Why is that when a kid purses a career in football no one takes the ball away from them and says focus on school? Let the boy do what he loves NOW.”

But DJ has got many defenders including the heavyweight rapper, Reason who tweeted: “But this is the best way to address all kids with the same mentality. By doing it for twitter. Do you know how many of these speeches we hear? Some even drop out 1st. He just used social media to address others considering this. & even made you aware it happenes. Cum on!

DJ Tira has not made a retraction, nor is it likely he will make one. He seems in accord with himself.

It would be nice to see the young boy rise from obscurity to fame as a musician. Time tell a lot of things. Ten, fifteen years from now, we might begin to read him regularly on the news.

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