Watch: Emtee’s Manhood Picture Ignites Social Media Storm

‘s is the trending discourse across various social media channels today. In fact, a meltdown would best describe the situation across several platforms after screenshots of what is believed to be that of the Manando star’s penis went viral.

shared a video with his 737,000 strong Instagram following and at some point appeared to flash his privates while using the bathroom. One of Mzansi’s finest trappers even went to say “I hope ya’ll ain’t see my d*** by accident” after that.

However, the deed had already been done as eagle-eyed fans who might have been astonished and utterly shocked took screenshots of his genitals and that has ignited a snowball of viral reactions all over the online sphere.

It is left to be seen how Emtee and reacts to this, but you can trust South African fans to drag this misstep for at least weeks ahead. Some already suggest he was on drugs at the time, some have keyed into the issue of circumcision, while some have just chosen to talk about size.

You can peep some of the memes making the rounds now and share your thoughts below.

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