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Nyusi Volume” mastermind is unarguably a man of songs, a dance devil who gets the most pleasure from singing and dancing.

Since registering his presence in South Africa’s music universe, he has thrilled fans with several bangers, including “Giya Giya,” featuring Beat Movement, who returned the favour in “Shebeleza (Cover Version);” “Angilalanga Izolo,” featuring Josta, “Romeo and Juliet,” featuring Olusheyeh, and several others.

To attend any of his shows is to get thoroughly entertained – so much so that you look forward to his next gig.

Source: / Instagram

One of his entertaining qualities is his ability to remain unpredictable on stage and keep the audience guessing. This quality played out recently during a live performance in Swaziland.

In what many initially thought was an awkward moment, a lady got on stage and pulled the singer down by the feet. But, as it turned out, the leg pulling was actually part of his performance. Dr Malinga himself uploaded the video on Instagram. See it below.

Other gigs promise newer surprises, as the artistes is keen on doing things differently. One who had pulled a lady on stage a month ago and grinded his groin on hers surely has other surprises in store for fans. And we can’t wait to bring them hot to you.

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