WATCH | Cassper Nyovest in Search of Granny and Kid for Ciroc Gogo

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The countdown is on for ’s #FillUpMosesMabhidaStadium and the muso has put up a challenge going by the hashtag #SerengCirocMoNgwaneng to help him fill up the stadium in December. Fans have since been caught in the fire of that challenge.

, who recently made it clear that he would never debate with trolls on social media, has been watching as fans do their best to ace each other in the challenge. One entry has caught Mufafsa’s attention and he has been literally creaming in excitement. The entry, a video, is of a Granny holding a bottle of Ciroc to her ears. An impressed Mufasa has been asking to know th Granny in the video and the kid who shot it.

In both his Instagram and Twitter pages, Mufasa had uploaded the video with the caption: “Can’t stop watching this video!!!! I want to meet this Granny and fly the grandkid who shot this video to #FillUpMosesMabhida . Please find them for me. Instagram , I’m counting on you!!! #SerengCirocMoNgwaneng.”

Not done with acclaiming the entry, Mufasa has aasked his fans across social media to fing Granny. He also promised her grandchildren tickets to the show which will hold in December.

Promising her grandchildren tickets and offering her none has provoked an interesting conversation on social media, with some saying he should as well fly Granny or at least pay for a spa session for her.

Mufasa, a brand ambassador for the Ciroc vodka brand, has not said anything about that yet. Well, what do you think? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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