You wanna get schooled by a dropout? Cassper responds to dropout haters on Twitter

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Hip Hop titan, is largely regarded as the ‘Mr Nice Guy’ of social media. However, he recently clapped back at trolls on Twitter who took him to task on his level of completed education.

The whole drama started after Cassper innocently chose to participate in a maths quiz as shared by Nigeria’s superstar disc jockey, DJ Xclusive.

However, no sooner had the Tito Mboweni hitmaker posted his result on his page had the haters arrived. They did not only claim he was wrong; they also pocked fun at him for not completing matric.

Rather than get angry or show emotions, Cassper simply laughed off the trolls and sent his swerve in fine fashion. He posted:

“There’s only 3 bananas. Pay attention to the image. The one thing I was good at while I was still schooling was maths cause I wanted to know how to count my money right.”

Not done, the confident math tutor went on even further to assert he had the right answer. Cassper then queried if the haters wanted to be schooled by a dropout.

“Lol… Are you sure? You wanna get schooled by a dropout? Go look at the image again, this time do it thoroughly,” he continued.

With all the debate raging, TV Personality, Maps Maponyane joined the conversation by coming to the defence of . He posted:

“Look a little closer and you’ll notice that Cass just got y’all exposed on this one. He’s right, and it’s all in the detail. Have another look before commenting with another ridiculing comment calling out his level of completed education.”

Perhaps, you can take the quiz as well to confirm if Cassper Nyovest was right or wrong. Just be sure to share your answer in the comments section below.

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