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Vigro Deep Reacts To Focalistic’s ‘Ke Star’ Remix Featuring Davido




is definitely not impressed with the turn out of events with the release of the latest “Ke Star” remix featuring Davido.

It began when Focalistic announced the upcoming release of the track remix originally produced by , but with his name added as just the producer of the track rather than a feature which seemed a better title.

Vigro definitely didn’t take it well, as he replied to the announcement showing his disappointment, but resigned to the fate of the entire issue.

Indirectly mocking the new mix, he took to his social media page and commented “Ai”, not so long after the track dropped to register his displeasure at the mix.

His fans also trooped into the comment section to link his mocking comment to the new mix which in their view was not better than what the duo had initially released, last year.

The battle on these streets just never seems to end.

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