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Upcoming Rapper Accuses Emtee Of Thievery




Just few days ago, ’s heavyweight who goes by the name dropped one of the hottest track of the year so far and it instantly became a hit.

The single titled Ghetto Hero, was released last Friday under his record label and has since enjoyed radio and TV rotations, fans are also loving the song and the inspiration behind it. However, someone is not happy about the release.

A promising young musician by the name Jacobs Jolondy is not having it with as he accuses of stealing the “Ghetto Hero” song and some other songs released by the well-known rapper since he became famous, Jacobs said he felt mistreated by as it isn’t the first time he is using his song without crediting him for it.

Jacobs claimed he was in a team of music makers alongside Sjava and back in 2014 before they became popular.

The whole thing pissed me off. This is not the first time. His song Ready was also released without crediting me. I was part of the team in 2014 before they all became famous. We had worked on a lot of songs together

Said the pained young rapper.

He takes the music we make together and claims it as his, but now the problem for him is I have all the originals of the songs we made back then

he said.

Emtee acknowledged the fact that he had worked with Jacobs in the past but the record he made with him was an “old sketch”.

These people know that I’m famous. So, since they are not where I am, they will do anything to bring me down, whatever originals he says he has are all fake. I’m the one who has originals.

Jacobs is not the only one pained about this act, there is another Cameroon born, South Africa raised artiste whose name is Makizar, he claims he also once had the same experience with Emtee.

Emtee is used to doing this. In his song My Enemies, he used pieces of my work without crediting me, every rapper recognized their work, even if it’s a line or two

There is another music producer in the picture, he confirmed that Emtee is known for using other underground artistes/producer materials without giving them credits, the producer doesn’t want his name mentioned.

Emtee has stolen a lot of beats and songs from rising artists. They are within their right to claim their work and expose him

he said.

What do you think of this situation, do you think Emtee is really taking advantage of these artistes or they are just trying to get at him because he is famous? drop your comments below.

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  1. Ngidi Malusi

    2017-05-04 at 11:54

    naaaaaaaaaaaaaaah these guys are jealous….. emtee is the original if u think say he stole your songs that are in his album……. u mean he stole the lines too on features he did……………….

  2. Xolile

    2017-05-04 at 19:12

    Traitors.Emtee have been workin’ hard since the days of Roll up
    n most people always throw shade at his work becoz of jealously.
    Am sure they just wanna be famous.
    I didn’t find any of these ‘originals’ on the internet so clearly they’ve been creating fake stuff just to push their own agendas n this is just a propaganda

  3. AnonyMouz_J

    2017-05-04 at 22:33

    these boyz are just seeking fame in bad ways…emtee cant be doin this i believe in him

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