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Unlimited Soul Involved In Ghastly Road Accident




Prayers are currently ongoing for Unlimited after he was reportedly involved in a ghastly accident while on trip for a gig.

The unfortunate incident occurred while he was on his way to a gig in Upington, with his team, which included his road manager, who was reported dead.

A statement by his team mentioned; “Unlimited has been involved in a fatal car accident on his way to a gig in Upington, he is one of the survivors.”

“He has lost his road manager in the crash, can we pray for him as he battles to stay with us, no bookings till further notice.”

Just a few months ago, he joined Vali Music on the jam “Mali“, which was top of the list in its prime release period. Right now, the music maker has been put in critical condition as a result of the accident and all he needs are prayers.

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