Twitter roasts Major League over motivational message



The streets of Twitter ain’t smiling and it was the turn of disc jockeying twins, to taste a dose of the bitter pill after their innocent and innocuous motivational post backfired.

One of Bandile or Banele that make up had taken to social media platform, Twitter, in an attempt to inspire their followers.

This way, they made a post with a photo of a physically-challenged athlete with no legs and on crutches, attempting to complete a marathon. captioned the post “Your excuse? #Comrade2018.”

However, no sooner had they clicked on the post button had the backlash started. In fact, so ferocious was one roast that we could feel Major League’s timeline smelling like a barbecue.

“@RealBlackCoffee conquered the world sold out venues gets fully booked all year localy and globally with just one hand,between the 2 of you,you 2 got 4 arms 2 minds but still buy beats and music from kids then proceed to call yourselves djs,real question here is,whats your excuse” a Twitter user with the username @lwazi_mona replied.

Refusing to back down from the torrent of negativity surrounding their post, Major League refused to be intimidated and chose to have the last word.

“Hate comes in many different shapes and sizes. Focus on what matters” they Twitted.