Twitter: Pearl Thusi In Tears, to Change Twitter Approach; AKA Speaks

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Every serious observer will tell you Twitter is a lawless space. Some would even call it the den of chaos. The tweets, clapbacks and memes fly at random and one can barely maintain a decent conversation there. Or so some celebrities say.

These observations are nothing new, though. They have been there all along – rising, falling, and repeating the same process all over again.

The conversation is heating up once again, with “Fela in Versace” hitmaker commenting that Twitter isn’t the place to engage or have decent conversation. The place can be quite a mess, he said, because most peeps haven’t learned to engage properly.

This case was a surprise to some peeps who know the Supa Mega as the duke of Twitter rants, especially regarding his music and his rivals.

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This new Twitter conversation, provoked by sports champ Mpho Letsholonyane, has also got the likes of talking and reappraising the situation on the ground.

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However, where merely repudiates the anomalous pattern Twitter conversations have taken, just isn’t having it.

Pearl Thusi has had several wars on twitter – or twars, as some peeps out there will call it. And she doesn’t hold back the bombs when provoked. Her recent twar with Bonnie Mbuli over colourism is still fresh in mind.

Recollecting how acidic she had been in her exchange with Bonnie Mbuli, she broke down in tears on her Insta Story.

Now she would be making changes on how she interacts with peeps on Twitter. She apologized for her hurtful tweets, while admitting she isn’t at her strongest when irked. Now, according to her, she wouldn’t be engaging altogether.

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Point is… your opinion matters to me but I will no longer engage altogether. I will now focus on aiming to create content that will spread my opinion and message in a more powerful way and succinct way,” she said in a statement.


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