The enemy of my enemy is my friend? Cassper & Bonang banter on Twitter

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They say the enemy of my enemy is my friend and that proverb looks to have played out recently between and Matheba. The two shared banter on social media platform, Twitter.

Mufasa has been unapologetic in his quest and ambition to make the cover of leading men’s fitness magazine, Men’s Health, this year and took to his page to share a picture in that regard.

“When .@BridgeBossTLee is not in the office, we let loose!!! Planning to get on .@MensHealthMag cover . #FlyNigga #BuildOurOwnOffices #BossShit #BigMan #HoodBillionaires #BridgeBoy #FamilyTree #WeHaveTheKoins #YouBigMad.” he posted.

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As fans continued to applaud the boy looks of the Family Tree Boss, Queen B also took notice and responded to his post.

“You’re on set shooting the cover right now neh Refiloe? Lol!!” she asked.

“Lol , nah but I’m training for it and I’m very close to goals .@MensHealthZA . 2 months and I’ll be slaying . Don’t sleep” was Cassper’s response.

and have remained musical foes in the world of SA Hip Hop for years while and the SupaMega had a public breakup which the rapper documented on the song “Beyonce” off his highly-successful “Touch My Blood” album.

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