Tellaman Speaks on Rowlene & Nandi “Love Triangle” DM

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Is “Everything” crooner actually the guy behind the DM that suggested he was having a love affair with , the “Try Me” mastermind, and that both were discussing ’s affair with a girl called Nandi?

 Just recently, screenshots of a conversation alleged between Tellaman and was shared on social media. In the screenshots in question, Tellaman and appeared to be discussing their relationship and Tellaman’s relationship with a mysterious Nandi.

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Around this time, too, Tellaman’s Twitter account became inactive. (He no longer posted with his usual regularity. And then, out of the blue, his record label tweeted it has recovered his account. The tweet reads: “We’ve successfully recovered @TELLAMANWORLD‘s Twitter account.


The tweet actually implies that Tellaman’s account was hacked, and he was not actually in conversation with , about Nandi. But fans were not satisfied, and Tellaman had to make the following tweets, using his “recovered” Twitter account: “I’m back!!!!! gods been good bruh! to whoever did this..” and “I just hope all this didn’t affect Rowlene and Nandi in a bad way I know how hard they work and they deserve way better.”

Again, his tweet neither confirmed nor denied he was the guy behind the conversation with Rowlene. Tellaman, the mastermind of several hits including “No Excuses” and “No Sharing,” had worked with Rowlene in her song “Stay.” Both had also been co-opted by DJ Killamo in “On Some.”

In a recent chat with with TshisaLIVE after her tiff with Gemini Major, Rowlene had said she was not in a relationship, and actually not searching. Tellaman subtly denying he was the guy in conversation with Rowlene, leaves many questions unanswered.

Time may well answer these questions. Or what do you think? Join the conversation in the comment section.

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