Stogie T Reveals His Special Relationship With Cigars


has just released a superb single titled Honey and Pain,” and which features American rapper, Mike Classic. However, the veteran rapper has explained another side of him many might know about but not fully understand – his love for cigars.

In a recent interview with Metro FM’s Rams Mabote, whose real name is Boitumelo “Tumi” Molekane revealed that through his highs and the lows, there’s the thing he’s still unable to live without and that’s the cigar.

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Stogie T said:

“I have convinced myself I can’t breathe without a cigar. I have convinced myself of that. Whether we are looking good or in dire straits, this cigar is getting smoked,” He said with a chuckle.

Stogie T released a successful self-titled album in 2016 which enjoyed such positive punditry ratings. The project of musical art hosted the hit song, By Any Means,” with featured younger rappers, Yanga and .

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He admitted as well that he had a “very flimsy relationship with money” and once burnt a large sum in a 3 week spending spree with nothing to show for it. In his words:

“I was shown the light when I got a lump sum of money and after three weeks of living large, I had nothing to show for it. I looked at it and I was like no man,” Tumi declared.

However, as he has gotten older, Stogie T has become more mature and wants to rap more now about social issues rather than the money alone. The recently released music video for Son Of A Soldier is one of the testaments to such assertions.

What do you think of Stogie T’s music and his love for cigars? Kindly, share your thoughts below.

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