Stogie T and his Award Worries

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Artistes make rules for themselves, and is no different. The muso, who released his album “Honey and Pain” just two months ago, has made it clear awards are beginning to lose their legitimacy and he feels weird about them.

He made the revelation in a Twitter thread after he was nominated for the South Africa Awards 2018, which artistes like AKA had snubbed. Like , the award interests not at all.

The “Pretty Flowers” crooner, who has a firm love for fine cigars, has nursed the belief that awards and how they are given out are somewhat skewed. He came to the conclusion, according him, after observing that awards are seldom about musical and visual creations (forget what organizers usually say).

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Stogie T Reveals His Special Relationship With Cigars
Source: Stogie T/ Instagram

I started making these rules for myself. Like ‘I am not going unless I perform’ ‘they better pay me to be there’ cuz I felt these were corporate events,” reads one of his tweets.

However, some think the muso is just being bitter because he has not been particularly lucky with awards. Well, what do you think? Look at his complete take on the subject below and share your thoughts in the comment section.


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