South Africans roasts American lady who tried to troll Sjava’s BET outfit

An African American lady found out about South Africans and South African Twitter the hard way after being roasted and educated on ’s ’ Zulu attire that she had attempted to troll.

Unfortunately for her, she took the cheap shot at the wrong person – King – who is regarded as a national treasure, with even further rankings and ratings after his win.

The lady in question with the Twitter username @MileysKoi had Tweeted “Chile these looks ???? #BETAwards,” with a picture of as well as a photo of a scantily clad lady at the awards ceremony.

The response from the streets of SA Twitter was swift, direct and potent, as South Africans didn’t only roast her, they also took out the time to school and educate her ignorance.

Such were the ferocious attacks that the lady in question was forced to return to Twitter to apologise for her ignorance.

South Africans might take sides when two local artists are involved in a battle or beef, with each camp attacking the other, but non South Africans aren’t allowed such privilege.

Music fans simply demonstrated this clearly in defense of King Sjava. You can also join the conversation with your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.

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