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Solo Defends Boity Over Gigs




Rapper has made it clear he is not out to play the victim, although , the newest rapper in town, seems to be getting more gigs than him.

Since the release of her debut single “Wuz Dat,” featuring Nasty C, has been booked with about 15 gigs.

But a fans thinks , who is far more experienced in the industry, should be the one getting those gigs.

The fan, who goes by the Twitter handle @Sanele_so tweeted: “I m happy for and rap career getting so much support and blowing up off 1 track but I’m mad that there’s artists out there with mad catalogues and fan bases who struggle to get bookings. just released a damn masterpiece but crickets.

Solo was all gentlemanly, however, rising stoutly to Boity’s defence. He tweeted: “Weird how I ran into this. Boity is doing her thing. The assumption is that people don’t wanna see me live I guess… or I’m not crowd pulling.

“Truth is it doesn’t matter. Put it on me rather. No victim mentality. Putting on my own shows. TOUR DATES FOR TOUR DATES coming soon?

Boity, who recently told TshisaLIVE that she got into the rap world because it was always something she wanted to do, must be glorying in the knowledge that already she has over 15 gigs till October and the support of fellow rappers, including the highly respected Solo.

 Fans and even other artistes have been saluting Solo’s knightly response BOity getting more gigs.

A Twitter user going by the handle @LeratoMannya wrote: “You’re a flippen dope ass artist, lyrically profound, releasing masterpiece after masterpiece, and engage like crazy when you perform live. Those who understand your talent will always be right there to support you.

Rapper Stogie, the “Pretty Flowers” mastermind, concurred, tweeting: “Classy”


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