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Sjava Confirms His Status As A Rapper




As a topic of debate, finally confirms his status as a rapper, after the topic surfaced online based on a recently released list.

He has done his job to maintain the high spirits on the scene, and that is what has sparked the interest of the entire community in his camps.

Recently, a list was released on the top 15 albums that are topping the chart on Apple music, and took the 3rd position on the list with “Umqhele.”

This sparked the questions on the timelines including one Twitter user that reacted to the list saying; is a rapper?

The hitmaker replied “Yebo”, and even went on to confirm, saying “Pho ubuzelani if you saw me rap and it was dope,” when the tweep asked a further question, and also adding that most of his presentation are mostly songs and not hip hop, as he was portrayed to be in the list.

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