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Shugasmakx Details His Grievance With New School Rappers




Legendary South African hip hop mogul, is not pleased with the current crop of new school rappers. For those who do not know, Lebo “” Mothibe is a rapper, actor and entrepreneur best known as the co-founder and star of iconic local hip-hop brand Skwatta Kamp.

was one of the veterans who laid the foundation that gave birth to all the glitters and glory of today’s rap game. In fact, they gave a platform to many budding rappers in their time, including Kwesta, who is now the superstar famed for his sweep of awards at the recent SAMAs 23.

However, with all the toil, sacrifice and sweat, Shugasmakx believes he is not getting enough accolades and due credit from the modern day rappers. In the words of the legendary act:

“The biggest disappointment [for me] is the young artists who just came in yesterday and they walk around like they created everything. Even for us, people like Zola and Amu laid the foundation before us, we were just lucky that we were one of the first that were commercially viable,”.

It must be pointed out that Shugasmakx doesn’t expect to be worshiped or adored; he just hopes to get the true recognition and respect for some of the toil, sweat and sacrifices he and others like him put into the growth of South Africa’s modern hip hop world. He stated further:

“I don’t want credit as in everywhere I go I must get a red carpet. Just the credit to say ‘you know, you did this or that first’,”

Well, we hope the new school rappers can take a clue from these words of wisdom and give due credits to a veteran who’s paid his dues and who is very much deserving.

Do you think new school rappers aren’t giving Shugasmakx the due recognition and respect he deserves? Please, share your thoughts below.

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