Sho Madjozi’s Reaction To Meeting John Cena Is Priceless

finally meets WWE Superstar an actor, John Cena, and her reaction is just priceless.

Ever wondered what it would feel like to meet the person who inspires you everyday? Well, is loving that dream right now. At least, she just did. The talented artiste who continues to dominate the news without even trying has been killing it lately. In fact, she met John Cena. Finally.

We know we previously told you she had a proud moment when she recently snagged a new international award. Well, we don’t think she’s ever been more humbled than she was recently. Here’s what went down.

Sho was a guest on the recent episode of The Kelly Clarkson show, where she sat down with the award-winning singer to talk about her recent viral hit centered around the wrestler.

While on the show, she was asked if she had ever met the entertainment star to which she replied; “Oh no, of course not, not yet. I hope to meet him one day.”

She also jokingly referenced the wrestler’s famous line insinuating that was probably the reason why she hadn’t met him yet. She said; “You can’t see John Cena [me]” laughing along with the audience. She also admitted she loved him so much she’d “faint or die” if she ever met him.

Well, Kelly lied and said she wouldn’t be meeting him today. In her own words, the show has a limited budget, but he’d definitely be watching and would love her performance. Unbeknownst to her, he was lurking in the corner waiting to take her unawares.

When she finally hit the stage to perform her hit song, Cena appeared a few seconds later behind her also vibing to the song.

When she saw him, she screamed, jumped and enveloped him in a big hug. That truly was a priceless moment.

Watch the video below.

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