Sho Madjozi turns the title of her hit, John Cena, into a hairstyle

Sho Madjozi turns her hit, John Cena into a hairstyle

is grabbing every bit of the spotlight and she’s not sorry for it. In fact, she’s doing everything possible to make you see her clearly. Well, her new hairstyle makes her hard to miss.

All you have to do, is look out for the girl with John Cena on her head. We mean that literally.

Since the rapper’s song John Cena hit the internet, it’s created so much buzz that we forgot it hadn’t been officially released. We are as shocked as you are. On Thursday Sept. 26, she took to Instagram to announce the official release of the track.

She shared a photo of herself spotting a pretty unique hairdo to announce the single. The creative hairstyle featured a cornrow styling adorned with beads at its ends. The rapper’s name is spelled out in colourful letters on the braid’s ends. And, on top of the cornrows, a giant spelling of John Cena is carefully braided. It’s almost as good as a billboard.

One question though, “how does she sleep at night?”

She shared the photo with the caption “Tomorrow we finally release official John Cena track, who will [be] playing it in which country?” 

Fans, intrigued by the creativity of the photo, flooded the post with likes and comments. The excitement wasn’t just for the song’s release but also for the very unique do.

The timing of the song’s drop seems to work well judging from all the buzz it’s gotten on social media. Even the wrestler reacted to it.

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