Sho Madjozi Talks John Cena Rave And Being Ready For Love

is the lady on everyone’s lips these days. Her song John Cena blew up and claimed a place for itself on the internet and also on everyone’s consciousness.

Madjozi is really having one of the best years of her life. Funny enough, she said she never expected it; all the love that came from John Cena.

The female emcee has been on a roll of victories. From performing incredible shows to appearing on magazines, Madjozi is living her best life with a BET Award win on the international stage as well as a sweep of the SAMAs on the local front.

Yet, the “John Cena” has become a phenomenon that even got a shootout from John himself. How cool is that?

recently had a chat with TshisaLIVE where she talked about the massive love and recognition she’s been getting from John Cena. She also spoke about being ready for love. Here’s all she said;

“I am excited that people are realising how organic my material is because there wasn’t really much that I did. I just went to Colors and performed, the responses that came after that I did not expect,” 

Speaking on her romance life and inspiring young women, she said;

I don’t want to play hard to get anymore. I want to be with someone who I feel for, genuinely.”

“Growing up I did such silly things because I was worried and embarrassed to talk about menstruation with my father, but this campaign will help young women out there to find answers to their questions.”

About the hit song, she also said she was merely focusing it on her heartbreak and didn’t really mean to make it about John Cena.

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