Sho Madjozi Relives Her “Huku” Joke in Tanzania

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Funny how some people would know a song and not the person behind the song. “Huku” hitmlaker is living to see this joke play out, regarding the hit single just named.

The song has apparently travelled across the continent and at a pace could not have made with a Concorde. At the moment the song, which was rendered in Swahili, is quite popular in Tanzania.

Sho Madjozi would readily tell you, though, that unlike her song, she is not as popular in the country. The reason may be found in her recent tweet.

Source: Sho Madjozi/ Instagram

The muso, the face of Trace Mobile #NeverExpire campaign, was at a club in Tanzania where “Huku” was being played, and claimed ownership of the song. But no one believed her.

Her tweet reads: “In Tanzania they know Huku but they don’t know me. So it came on in the club and I was like that’s my song!!! This girl near me was like “girl me too!!””

Sho Madjozi, who Ganja Beatz recently co-opted on “Night & Day” alongside Lady Zamar and Sjava, was beyond surprised, as evident in her next tweet: “Bruh! I was like no for REAL that’s really my song. She was like “trust me, I feel you babe.

Well, whether or not Sho Madjozi was recognized as the mastermind of the song, it certainly feels good to know the song has become a hit with folk across the border. Or what do you think? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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